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Latest plumbing jobs in Canada for foreigners

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Latest plumbing jobs in Canada for foreigners. Crescent Plumbing is searching for a PLUMBER to deal goods in timely. It is very excellent and perfect job for new immigrants to Canada. Many companies are also looking for motivated candidates that fulfill the required criteria. Crescent Plumbing is looking for candidates that fulfill the required criteria:


  • Plumber


  • No degree is required.

Age limit:

  • No specific age limit is required.

salary $26.00 per hour.

last date to apply is 2020-06-24. Latest plumbing jobs in Canada for foreigners

Canadian service industry has shortage of plumbers. The reason is that mostly people joined food, driving and other service industries as well. The other big reason is that Canada is educated and business friendly country. Mostly people have jobs or their own businesses.

Many vacant positions are available for Canadian citizens as well as new immigrants.  Mostly plumber works upto 12 hours in a day. They should have stamina to work hard with bad environment conditions. This profession needs a lot of commitment.

After joining this profession one have opportunity to see Canada as well earn healthy income. No special degree is required to become a specialist. As a plumber you can earn more than a university or college degree holder. The average yearly earning of a plumber is near about $55000.
Canadian companies are hiring foreigner for plumbing, electrician and driving jobs. In case if candidate have no work permit they can also apply through temporary foreign worker program (TFWP).
Temporary foreign worker program (TFWP) allows to work without a permit but its temporary job solution. According to this program you need to show that you are ready to leave country when government officials say. There are different criteria for TFWP. Most famous process is that someone who is known to you can support you during your stay in Canada.

  • Skills how to maintain plumbing materials in case of emergency.
  • Complete necessary skills how to install pipes and other equipment.
  • Willing to work in bad weather conditions.
  • As a foreign, one should must know the rules and regulations of job.
  • Understanding for safe and secure tests of plumbing systems.
  • test analysis and all safety measure records.
  • Have knowledge how to use materials for safety of building.

Requirement :

  1. Plumbing work permit.
  2. Previous driving record.
  3. Valid plumbing diploma
  4. Police verification for criminal record check.
  5. Physical strong.
  6. Complete medical checkup.

For apply send your latest resume on:

[email protected]

Latest plumbing jobs in Canada for foreigners
Latest plumbing jobs in Canada for foreigners
Latest plumbing jobs in Canada for foreigners
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