Agriculture and agri food Canada jobs in Ontario

Agriculture and agri food Canada jobs in Ontario. The Career Outlook for agriculture and agri-food department officer is good not only in Canada but globally. The agency is looking for dynamic, qualified, and hardworking candidates for the following vacancies.


  • Research Assistant – Multi-Functional Microscopy Technician


  • The candidate must hold M.Sc. degree in cell biology, molecular biology, cellular physiology, plant biology, biochemistry, biotechnology or related field from recognize institute.

Age limit:

  • Applicant must be 25 years old or above.

The salary range is $63,720 to $77,523.

The last date to apply is 16-July-2021.

How to apply:

Interested candidates can apply online here:

Agriculture and agri-food is a state-owned department and also known as Ag-Canada. The department is working under the ministry of agriculture and agri-food. The agency plays a vital role in the development and progress of the country through agricultural products.

It is looking for motivated candidates for the post of Research Assistant – Multi-Functional Microscopy Technician. Both males and females fulfilling the required criteria are welcome to apply for these jobs.

Duties of Research Assistant – Multi-Functional Microscopy Technician:

The incumbent is responsible for arranging data and analyses to reports and will work closely with various research teams on a variety of plant and insects species. The candidate is required to coordinate effectively with scientists, staff, and students. Some other duties are following:

  • Fixing, staining, and mounting tests onto glass slides or epoxy sap blocks;
  • Sectioning tests utilizing hand-separating and revolving microtomes;
  • Mounting specified samples onto electron microscopy grids;
  • Imaging various samples utilizing light, confocal, and electron magnifying instruments;
  • Carry out picture examination of micrographs utilizing logical programming;
  • Carry out routine upkeep of lab space:

What are agriculture and agri-food?

Agri-Canada is responsible for designing policies related to the production, marketing, and cultivating of all food and agricultural products. The department works with provincial governments for the development of Agri programs. It ensures cooperation with its partners to support the country’s economy.
In 1885 its responsibility was the collection of stats. But in 1918, an act was passed and these duties transferred to the bureau of statistics. Initially, the agriculture department has combined with healthcare. Its responsibility was to design a healthcare system and policies for the public. Later on, in 1919, a separate department was established for healthcare.

The food inspection agency was a branch of the agriculture department. But later on, the food inspection agency handed it over to the health organization. In Canada, some other organization also works under the ministry of agriculture and agri-food. Here we will let you know the names of these agencies.

  • Agricultural review tribunal:
  • Dairy commission:
  • Grain commission:
  • Farm credit:
  • Farm product council:
  • Canadian pari-mutuel agency:

Note * It is a governmental department, so they get all benefits like pension, medical allowance, etc.

Agriculture and agri food Canada jobs in Ontario

Agriculture and agri food Canada jobs in Ontario

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