Bank of Canada jobs 2021

Bank of Canada jobs 2021. A bank is financial institute which take care of all wealth activities of people. Some countries prefer there banking system for financial stability. Bank of Canada is the largest bank of Canada which provides the following jobs:


  • Firewall security specialist- Job grade 16
  • Firewall security specialist- Job grade 15


  • Candidate must be computer or software engineer/ MCS / computer graduate from recognize institute with relevant experiences.

Age limit:

  • No specific age limit is required to apply for this job

Last date to apply is 29-April-2021.

Salary is from $80,300 to $94,400 per month.

How to apply:

Interested candidates can apply online here:

Duties of Firewall security specialist:

As a firewall security specialist you will do:

  • Coordination with stakeholders to set up priorities for web proxy and firewalls.
  • Provide development plan for automation.
  • Develop deployment techniques to support operations.
  • Help out in investigations to ensures web proxy and firewalls solutions.

What is Bank of Canada?

It is central bank of Canada and Established under the banking act of Canada. BOC is a crown corporation instead of a government institute. Its headquarter is situated in Ottawa.

This bank is running under the autonomous board. The main reason of this board is to prevent from political interference. The governor is head of Bank of Canada and leads the board of directors committee. Each committee member is committed to keep secrecy of bank issues. Board of director has legally right to appoint the governor. In most cases committee select the person approve by the government as a governor. Governor has power to set the monetary policy.

It is responsible for designing monetary policy and secure banking within country. The Bank of Canada is also issuing authority of currency notes. It provides loans to many financial institutes as well. Its main purpose was to set better economic interests, trade, price and employment.

The bank of Canada starts its operational activities on 11 March 1935. Basically Bank of Canada was established for the economic welfare of country. Interest rates are kept very low for the development of country.

Banking system in Canada 

Basically the concept of banking system was introduced with the barter system. Banking system of Canada is the most safest banking system in the world.
As a report of world economic forum From 2007 to 2013 its considered very secure and sound banking system. In 2002 a banks report was released by finance minister of Canada.

According to this report there are 18000 ATM’s across the country. All the charter banks have more then 8000 branches. As a result of this report its clear that Canada has more ATM per capital. Canada is top third country by ATM’s per capital user.
All the banks have facilities of internet banking,telephone banking and credit cards. Some of Canadian banks are 150 years old. For example Royal bank is working since 1870.

In 1990’s most of Canadian banks started insurance businesses. As a result they become supermarket of financial services. Some of Canadian banks turned to global development especially in US markets.
The launch of ING bank is the major development in banks . ING bank represented an idea of branch-less banking .
Currently the big five banks of Country is following :
Bank of Montreal, bank of nova Scotia, Canadian imperial bank of commerce, Royal bank of Canada, Toronto Dominican bank. These banks are among the top 100 banks of world. All these five banks have headquarters in Toronto.

Bank of Canada jobs 2021

Bank of Canada jobs 2021

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