Career at agriculture and agri food Canada

Career at agriculture and agri food Canada. The Career outlook for agriculture and agri-food department officer is very good not only in Canada but all over the world. The agency is looking for dynamic, qualified and hardworking candidates for the following post.


  • Building systems technician
  • Forage Biotechnology research affiliate
  • Research Technician Systematic & Taxonomy
  • Agriculture Laborer Inventory
  • Biologist-Meat Quality and sensory Evaluation
  • Field Technician- Cropping Operations
  • Student in Geomatics and Remote Sensing
  • Research Assistant-Meat Quality/Meat Sensory Evaluation
  • Research Scientist-Plant Physiologist and Viticulturist
  • RAP-graduate student
  • SAP Training & Documentation Officer
  • Bilingual Administrative Position
  • Senior Internal Controls Officer
  • Information Management Business Analyst
  • Research Scientist- Growing Agriculture Innovation
  • IT Professional- Programmer Analyst


  • Candidate must be graduate degree holder in various fields from recognize institution with relevant experiences.

Age limit

  • Applicant must be 25 years old or above.

Salary is different according to position. 

Last date to apply is 08-3-2021. 

The agriculture and agri-food is state owned department. It is also known as Ag-Canada. It is working under the ministry of agriculture and agri-food. It plays an important role in the development and progress of country through agricultural products. As it is looking for motivated candidates. Both male and females fulfilling the required criteria are welcome to apply for these jobs.

Duties of Building system Technician:

  • Run building environmental systems/tools within office & outside in special cases like laboratories.
  • Execute all maintenance like inspection, testing and equipment replacing etc.
  • Acknowledge, analyze and repairs all mechanical equipment and systems.
  • Test, analyze and change all defective parts of mechanical system.
  • Install or disconnect parts of equipment.
  • Prepare all documentation of  work.


  • Health and safety management control
  • Knowledge of handling governing building systems
  • Ability to operate complete (HVAC) systems
  • Skills to handle Digital Direct Controls (DDC) and supported systems.
  • Ability to analyze, tests and suggest solutions.

Education: Candidate must be graduate / diploma holder from recognize institute with relevant experience.

Salary is from $42680 to $56,780 per month. 

Duties of research technician:

The research technician will provide technical support for the collection of different insects. The selected candidates will perform their duties in field as well as in laboratories with research scientist. Their duties include the collection of samples, identification of samples and complete analysis reports for presentations. The incumbent will provide support to the visiting students and researchers.


  • Experiences in collecting samples of insects
  • Experience in laboratory works
  • Good communication and analytical skills

Education: Candidate must be graduate from recognize institute with molecular biology or entomology

Salary is from $42680 to $76,780 per month.

Duties of Administrative Assistant

Administration assistant work closely with administrator and as a coordinator between customers and stakeholders. The incumbent provide supports to clients as well as some other departments like HR,Business etc. He/She manages all setup manually or computerized. 


  • Good communications skills
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Ability to work under-pressure
  • Strong management handling skills
  • Previous experiences especially with HR department is an assets

Education: Candidate must be graduate degree holder from recognize institute.

Salary is from $44,680 to $56,780 per month. 

Duties of Biologist- meat quality and services:

The selected candidates will work within the quality and evaluation programs at research and development center. The job responsibilities include the coordination, drafting and publication of scientific content in various media platforms. The incumbent will provide academic support for the evaluation of meat quality.


  1. Previous work experiences in research especially in meat industry.
  2. Experience of multivariate analyses
  3. Basic computer skills with statistical software are like SAS.

Education: Candidate must be graduate from recognize institute with biological science

Salary is from $42680 to $56,780 per month. 

Duties of Field Technician:

The duties of field technician include the following:

  • Maintenance of equipment like oil change etc.
  • Operations of field equipment including spraying, fertilizing and harvesting.
  • collection of different data like identification of disease.
  • Technical supports to new researchers


  • Ability to use GIS technology
  • previous experience in agronomy or biological sector
  • Good teamwork skills

Education: Candidate must be high school degree holder from recognize institute.

Salary is from $42,680 to $66,780 per month. 

Duties of research assistant:

The selected candidates will take part in various projects related to handling of meat from various species likewise poultry, goat etc. The job duties include sample collection, database handling and training of students.


  • basic knowledge of laboratory equipment
  • strong analytical skill of chemistry techniques.
  • basic computer knowledge.

Education: Candidate must be graduate / diploma degree holder from recognize institute with any science subject.

Salary is from $52,680 to $56,780 per month. 

Duties of Research scientist- plant physiologist:

The successful candidate will manage and develop design program in ecology and production system. The main focus will be in the development of geometric. The incumbent have access to laboratories and plays key role for grape production.


  • Experiences in research methodology.
  • Previous experience with a recognize industry.
  • Managing of budget and planning skills.
  • Basic knowledge of grapevine stress.

Education: Candidate must be doctoral degree holder from recognize institute with molecular biology / entomology / ecology / viticulture / horticulture / botany.

Salary is from $82,680 to $156,780 per month. 

Duties of information management business analyst:

The selected candidate will work with dynamic teams that focus on establishing a secure and sustainable management. Business analyst plays a vital role for the implementation of AAFC’s mission through its participation. The incumbent will analyse and designs policies according to the departmental requirement.


  • experiences in policy making and implementation.
  • skills to establish a strong relationship with stakeholders and customers.
  • strong research skills to complete departmental goals.

Education: Candidate must be doctoral degree holder from recognize institute with management / Law / Computer systems.

Salary is from $65,680 to $76,780 per month. 

Duties of IT professional:

As IT professional is required at agriculture and agri food Canada. The department has its own online portal for management employees. Now it is looking for Network and database administrator.

The network administrator is responsible for the maintenance and development of Information technology components. It analyze, configure, install, maintain and troubleshoot the computer hardware and software as well.

A network administrator set up connection, create new users and passwords, allow permissions. It handle all the technical problems related to Local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) and metropolitan area network (MAN). Solve and handle complex network issues and lead the network team to solve daily problems.

A database administrator is responsible for the handling of whole departmental records. The incumbent is responsible for the record deletion, update and maintenance. He/She ensures the availability of record where its necessary.


  • Knowledge of MS word, windows and operation systems.
  • Abilities to troubleshoot and recognize network issues.
  • Basic computer Skills with software installation and maintenance
  • Good hands on IT security
  • Ability to work under pressure.

Education: Candidate must be graduate degree holder in computer system / computer engineering / software engineering from recognize institute with relevant experiences.

Salary is from $85,800 to $125,340 per month

What is agriculture and agri-food?

Agri-Canada is responsible for designing policies related to production, marketing and cultivating of all food and agricultural products.

The department works with provincial governments for the development of agri programs. It ensures the cooperation with its partners to support country economy.

In 1885 its responsibilities includes collection of stats. But in 1918 an act was passed and these duties was transferred to bureau of statistics.

Initially agriculture department was combined with healthcare. Its responsibility was to design good healthcare system and policies for the public. Latter on in 1919 a separate department was established for healthcare.

The food inspection agency was a branch of agriculture department. But latter on food inspection agency handed over to the health organization.

In Canada some other organization also works under the ministry of agriculture and agri-food. Here we will describe the basic role of these agencies.

  1. Agricultural review tribunal:

It is an appellate tribunal and review all the agricultural administrative penalty cases. It hears all the cases that violate the agriculture rules and laws. Canada agricultural review tribunal is an independent board which was established by the Canadian parliament in 1983.

Tribunal has authority to hear cases related to agriculture, food and food transportation filed by the department. In the same way ,the tribunal has authority to hears cases filed by persons who have been arrested or noticed on the violation of agricultural act. In a province every district has its review tribunal.

    2. Dairy commission:
It plays an important role in dairy farm administration and policies. It design policies for the better management of dairy industry. It coordinate and implement dairy laws that is formed by provincial and federal government.

In Canada dairy has equal status to an other industries like manufacturing. The reason is that Canada has a large number of dairy farm workers that comes from all over the world. They work in safe and secure environment and play key role for the progress of country.

Dairy commission administer the supply management of dairy products and their prices. It also decides the support prices for raw milk. Basically CDC provides a complete frame work for the management of dairy products.

  1.     Grain commission:

Canadian grain commission is also known as CGC. The CGC is the regulator of all grain industry. It ensure the quality standard of grain for domestic market. It ensures that Canadian grains products has the sufficient quality to meet the international standards for exports.

Canadian grain commission board was established in 1912. Their role was to inspect and upgrade grain industry. The commission has authority / power to check where wheat or other grain items are not stored by persons in illegal way.

The building were the headquarters situated are nicknamed as “Mushroom building”. All the regional offices has modern equipment for the inspection and entomology services.

  1. Farm credit:

The agency mission is to improve rural area by financing. It also provide funds to small and medium size enterprises of farming industry. FCC provides personalized and specialized  financial aiding to promote farming. Farm credit was established in 1993 by the parliament to finance different farm projects.  It is among the top employees in Canada.

Farm credit Canada reports directly to the Canadian parliament through minister. One can say that it is a governmental bank in Canada for agriculture loans. its headquarters is situated in Saskatchewan. The FCC works jointly with federal and provincial government

  1.     Farm product council:

FPCC handle the national supply management of eggs, chicken and poultry. It improves the products standards for internationally trade. It helps to grow dairy products with good quality for international trade.

Farm products council of Canada ensures the federal government act namely : products agencies act and products marketing act. Most interesting thing is that anyone can complain at FPCC and focal person will answer you quickly. The agency has various ways to participate in public hearings. You can file your opinion on official web portal to participate.

The agency’s main focus is to build a strong relationship with stakeholders to ensure that agency is working well for the better of producers as well as consumers.

  1.     Canadian pari-mutuel agency:

CPMA regulates and oversee horse racing within country for the public benefit. The agency was established to improve performance through management flexibility. It provides licences and permits services to citizens.
For accountability and fairness, it has authority to monitor as well as audit betting services. The department has right for proper medical checkup of horses to avoid from drugs.

As it is a state owned federal department, here is a list of its provincial partners.
In BC ministry of Agriculture works with food and fisheries as well. that is responsible for the advertisement, processing and manufacturing of food items and food security.

In Alberta the ministry of agriculture works closely with forest department that design policies and laws for agriculture and forest growth. In Saskatchewan it works with natural resources department. Canada has a lot of natural reserves.

In Manitoba ministry of agriculture is working with resource development. In Ontario Agriculture department is working with food and rural affairs department. In new Brunswick agriculture and fisheries department works together for food safety. In Nova Scotia agriculture department is leads other food and agri related provincial departments.

The agri food department also has an IT wing which discover and promotes latest technologies in agriculture. Selection procedure consists of Application process (complete application form), Test and Interview. Selected candidates will go through training.

Note * It is governmental department so they get all benefits like pension, medical allowance etc.

Apply online here:

Career at agriculture and agri food Canada

Career at agriculture and agri food Canada

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