Careers opportunities at Bank of Canada

Careers opportunities at Bank of Canada. As one of the top 10 employers in the country, it offers a good work environment that permits you to reach your total capacity both professionally and personally. The Bank of Canada (BOC) focuses on the career and professional development of its employees. The bank is committed to providing a stress-free recruitment process.


  • Senior Analyst, Marketing Strategy


  • The candidate must hold a master’s/graduate degree from a recognized institute with seven years relevant experiences. 

Age limit:

  • Applicant must be 25 years old or above.

Salary is from $95,500 to $119,400.

The last date to apply is 21-July-2021. 

How to apply:

Interested candidates can apply online here:

As we know, the bank is a financial institute that takes care of all the wealth activities of people. All countries of the world give importance to their banking system for financial stability. Bank of Canada (BOC) is the largest bank in the country.

About the position:

A Senior Analyst, Marketing Strategy will manage the development of market strategy and marketing campaign for the central bank digital currency. The analyst will report to the Director, shareholders and collaborate with other employees to run a pan-Canadian marketing campaign.
The incumbent will leverage the expertise of consultants to conduct research on the market and design an effective marketing campaign.

In addition, you will:

  • Acts as a primary resource on marketing and serve as a coordinator with suppliers of marketing and advertising agencies:
  • Present a plan for the development of marketing items and channel strategies:
  • Design audience segmentation plans through researches:
  • Supervise the payments to identify risks for launching new products:
  • Check financial details of marketing for new products and evaluate impact and performance.

The Bank of Canada (BOC) is the central bank and launched under the banking act of Canada. It is a crown corporation besides a government department. Its headquarter is in Ottawa.

The Bank of Canada is working under the autonomous Board. The main reason for this Board is to prevent political and other interference. The governor is head of the organization and leads the board of directors committee. Each member ensures the secrecy of bank issues.

The Board of directors has the power to appoint the governor. In most cases committee selects the person to approve by the government as a governor. Governor has the authority to set the monetary policy. It is responsible for designing monetary policy and secure banking within the country.

The Bank of Canada (BOC) is also issuing the authority of currency notes. It provides loans to many financial institutes as well. Its primary purpose was to set better economic interests, trade, price, and employment.

The Bank of Canada starts its operational activities on 11 March 1935. Bank of Canada began its operation for the economic welfare of the country. Interest rates are kept very low for the development of the country.

The selection procedure consists of the Application process (complete application form), Test, and Interview. Selected candidates will go through training.

Note * It is a governmental department, so they get all benefits like pension, medical allowance, etc.

Careers opportunities at Bank of Canada

Careers opportunities at Bank of Canada

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