Civil Aviation Safety Inspector jobs in Transport Canada

Civil Aviation Safety Inspector jobs in Transport Canada. It is among the top 50 employees and an excellent job for the Canadians. The career outlook for transport Canada employees is good due to special packages. Now transport Canada is looking for motivated candidates that fulfill the required criteria.


  • Civil Aviation Safety Inspector 


  • To apply for this job candidate must be a graduate in a relevant field with experience.

Age limit:

  • No specific age limit to apply for this job.

Salary is from $90,039 to $105,233. 

The last date to apply for this job is 31-August-2021.

How to apply:

Interested candidates can apply online here:

Transport Canada is hiring for the aviation sector. To apply for these jobs, a candidate must graduate in transport/ civil engineering. Some high-paid placement required experience as well. Candidates having the required qualification from a recognized institute are motivated to apply for these jobs. It is a department where both males and females can apply. The inspector will lead and capable of working with different clients.

Duties of Civil Aviation Safety Inspector:

As a Civil Aviation Safety Inspector for National Maintenance Operations, you will direct flight certificate, security oversight.

It also deals with Minister’s agents as they identify with airplane and aeronautical item maintenance.

The incumbent ensures the Civil Aviation regulatory structure, airplane airworthiness, and Safety Management Systems (SMS) for the well-being of avionics in Canada and abroad.

Required Experiences & skills:

  • Complete knowledge of aviation management:
  • Experience in inspection and maintenance of aeronautical products:
  • Aviation quality assurance related experience:
  • Almost five years of experience in heavy industry:
  • Experience in aircraft maintenance, inspection, and modification:
  • Supervision of safety management system:
  • Knowledge of quality assurance programs and systems:
  • Ability to control the project:
  • Ability to handle management software:
  • Ability to work under pressure:

Transport Canada at a glance:

The Canada Transportation department was established in 1935 by the government. Transport Canada was a merger of railways and canals, marine and civil aviation departments, and its duty was for developing laws, policies.There is a total of five regional offices and one headquarters. Near about 5800 employees are working in this department.

It is responsible for transportation policies of road, rail, and air transport in Canada. It ensures safe and secure transportation. It is a state-owned department and works under the ministry of transport. Now its focus is to make policies and laws instead of operations.

The selection procedure consists of the Application process (complete application form), Test, and Interview. Selected candidates will go through training.

Note * It is a governmental department, so they get all benefits like pension, medical allowance, etc.

Civil Aviation Safety Inspector jobs in Transport Canada

Civil Aviation Safety Inspector jobs in Transport Canada

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