Department of transportation jobs in Washington

Department of transportation jobs in Washington. Career outlook for budget analyst jobs are also good due to high pay packages and facilities. The DOT provides a stress-free and pleasant environment to its employees from the day of hiring. Now it is looking for following jobs in budget analyst branch.


  • budget analyst


  • Candidates must have a graduate degree in Economics, statistics and MBA from recognized institute with relevant experiences.

Age limit:

  • Applicants must be 30 years old or above.

Salary is from $142,701 to $170,800 . 

Last date to apply is 02-21-2021.

The national transport administration agency plays an important and key role for economic growth through transportation services. Its federal transit administration branch is currently hiring for budget analyst. Both male and females are encouraged to apply for this job.

Duties:          Department of transportation jobs in Washington

Budget analyst is responsible for the supervision of administrative and analytical duties such as presentation, reviews and formulation of budget for federal government. He/she analyzes, researches and provide recommendations for budget execution and allocation.


  • Knowledge of budget management tools and standards
  • Ability to handle project related to finance policies and procedures.
  • Good communication and analytical skills.
  • Ability to handle high level management
  • Ability to work under-pressure.

The Department of Transportation is a state owned federal agency of the US government. It works under the supervision of the secretary of transportation. Its headquarter is situated in Washington.

In 1966, it was established by a transportation act. After establishment the secretary of commerce was administrator of the agency. But later on some important amendments were implemented.

In 1922 the president of the United states of America proposed an idea to combine all kinds of transportation into a single department. Only a single person will be accountable for transport including s aviation, highways etc. Initially coast guard was also a sub agency of DOT. Currently DOT administers the following departments.

  • Federal aviation:

Federal aviation is the supervisor of construction and operations of airports and air traffic. It controls flight operations as well as issues pilot certificates. The FAA ensures that country’s assets are protected and goals are achieved.

  • Highway:

It is specially established for highway traffic. Federal aid and federal land highway programs are major working activities of FHWA.

Previously highways were supervised by the bureau of public roads but in 1966 FHWA was established as a supervisor of Highways. It ensures construction and administration fulfill the federal rules and laws.

  • Railroad administration:

FRA was established by DOT in 1966. Its main focus was security, safety and administrations of railroads. It ensures safety policies such as track maintenance, speed limit etc. The agency is responsible for the development and progress of the railway.

  • Federal transit administrations:

FTA provides financial aid to the transport system. It works under the administrator who is appointed by the US president. It is also known as urban mass transportation administration. FTA is answerable for the development, maintenance and operation of UTMA.

  • Bureau of transport statistics:

BTS analyzes, researches and designs policies for public access to the national transport system. It collects all the data through different sources and publishes for public accountability. It is a part of research and innovation technology administration.

  • Office of inspector general (OIG):

OIG is in-charge for monitoring and audit of frauds, misuse of power and misbehave. It works independently without involvement of any political party and reports directly to the secretary.

Selection procedure consists of a complete application process, test and interview. Selected candidates will go through training.
Note * it is federal government jobs so employees get all employment benefits including health insurance, life insurance, pension and old age security funds etc.

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Department of transportation jobs in Washington

Department of transportation jobs in Washington

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