Environment and climate change Canada jobs

Environment and climate change Canada jobs. Career outlook for Environment and climate change jobs are good due to high pay packages, protocol and facilities. The industry provides a stress-free and pleasant environment to its employees from the day of hiring. Now it is looking for following jobs:


  • Coordinator
  • Program scientist


  • Candidate must be graduate degree holder from recognize institution with relevant experiences.

Age limit:

  • No specific age limit to apply for this job.

Salary is from $87,225 to $103,796.

Last date to apply 03-21-2021.

The agency plays an important and key role for economic growth through designing good policies for expanding of  natural reserves. It is the governmental department of Canada. Currently it is hiring as Coordinator, Program scientist. Both male and females are encouraged to apply for this job.

Required Experiences/skills:  Environment and climate change Canada jobs

  •  Experience in implementation and execution of environmental programs.
  • Ability to research and recommendations problem solutions.
  • Experience in report writing and presentations.
  • Good communications and analytical skills.
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Ability to work under-pressure.

Environment and Climate Change Canada(ECCC) is also known as environment Canada. It is state owned department of government. It works under the ministry of environment and climate change ant accountable to the parliament through minister.

The department was established under the environment act for the protection and enhancement of natural resources in 1971. It is responsible for the collaboration of environmental policies, laws and programs.

Head of ECCC is responsible for the enhancement of natural resources as well as forecasting of daily weather report and warnings. While the minister ensures the rules for protection and development of  resources with the help of parliament and cabinet.

The mandate also includes the cleanup of dangerous waste and oil spills. ECCC work closely with international institutes to resolve environmental issues e.g Canada and USA works together to solve air issues.

In Canada working of ECCC is shared between federal and provincial governments. Federal government is in-charge for the handling of toxic substances. The authority has following branches to carry out specific tasks :

  1. Environment protection branch:

The branch has following working units

  • Wildlife enforcement
  • Chemical sector
  • Energy and transportation
  1. Meteorological services of Canada:

The branch has following working units to complete its tasks.

  • Water survey of Canada
  • weather and climate monitoring
  • Marine and ice services,
  1. Science and technology branch:

The branch has following working units to fulfill work needs.

  • Wildlife and landscape science
  • atmospheric and climate science
  • air quality research unit

The minister/head has power to appoint RCMP, parks officer or customs officer as an enforcement officer of ECCC.

Selection procedure consists of Application process (complete application form), Test and Interview. Selected candidates will go through training.

Note * It is a governmental department so they get all benefits like pension, medical allowance etc.

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Environment and climate change Canada jobs

Environment and climate change Canada jobs

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