House of Commons jobs in Ottawa

House of Commons jobs in Ottawa. The HOCA provide stress free environment to its employees. It is among the top hundred employers in Canada for new graduates. The employees of HOCA feel pride to owing a safe, secure, respected and reputable agency. It is looking for the motivated candidates for the following post:


  • Senior communication advisor
  • Communication advisor
  • Senior interior designer
  • Respectful workplace advisor
  • Manager business development application
  • Technical support specialist
  • Chief human resources officer


  • Candidate  must be graduate in administration, finance or Computer science degree holder from recognize institute with experience.

Age limit:

  • Applicant must be 30 years old or above.

Salary is from $82,915 – $104,913. 

Last date to apply is 03-28-2021.

The HOCA ensures benefit plans to its employees including pension, health plan and disabilities welfare. It provide stress free environment to improve work quality. It emphasize that continuous learning is necessary for success and development as well. Due to these reasons educated people want to join this department. It is looking for motivated candidates that fulfill the required criteria.

Duties:  House of Commons jobs in Ottawa

As agency is hiring for different positions so duties and responsibilities are also different. For example senior communication advisor is responsible for the coordination of various strategic plans between agency employees and its partners. The interior designer provides support advice to the building projects. The chief human resources officer is answerable for productivity and quality work within secure environment.


  • Previous experiences in HR management & development.
  • Ability to advise high level management.
  • Knowledge of latest trends as well as development.
  • Ability to work under-pressure.
  • Good communication and analytical skills.

What is House of commons Canada?

The house of commons of Canada is lower assembly room / chamber of parliament. It is represented by the prime minister, his cabinet, speaker, opposition leader and some independent members as well. The house of commons is publicly elected body and its elected members are know as member of parliament.

Currently there are 338 members in parliament of Canada. These members are elected through votes in their electoral districts. Latest jobs in the House of Commons Administration

All the parliament members hold offices and serve their electoral district for five years. The representation of MP’s in house of commons are given randomly to the provinces according to their population.

The agency was established in 1867. It has more power then the upper house. Although the approval of upper and lower house is necessary for legislation to make laws. In mostly cases upper house doesn’t reject the summary approved by the lower house.

Selection procedure consists of Application process (complete application form), Test and Interview. Selected candidates will go through training.

Note * It is governmental department so they get all benefits like pension, medical allowance etc.

Apply online here:

House of Commons jobs in Ottawa

House of Commons jobs in Ottawa

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