IT jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship

IT jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship. The Career outlook for information technology officer is very good not only in Canada but all over the world due to high pay packages. The Ontario Garrison software house is looking for dynamic, qualified and hardworking candidates for the following post. 


  • Software Engineer
  • Web developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Graphics Designer


  • Candidate must be graduate in computer engineering / software engineering / computer sciences / IT degree holder from recognize institution with relevant experiences.

Age limit

  • Applicant must be 25 years old or above.

Salary is from $142,701 to $170,800.

Last date to apply is 18-July-2021.

The Ontario Garrison software house is well reputed software house in not only Canada but it has branches / franchises in United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany and India. OGS is registered software house under private companies act.

Although it is private company but provides all facilities like other governmental departments. Selected candidates will go through training of six months.

Note*  Selected candidates will get all benefits like provident funds, medical leaves, housing funds etc.

Here we will discuss about IT sector scope in industries.

Why companies hire engineers? why to develop software / website?

Information management and its sharing are an important issue for all companies and educational organizations alike. The World Wide Web system has reformed how data is managed and circulated by giving an online portal for sharing of data.

All big organizations are transforming their Manuel system to online web portals. However many small organizations generally has lack of financial and technical expertise to explore this channel of communication and information management.

Communication between the association and its members is a difficult task in which each member should be contacted separately. Therefore it is believed that a web application / software will improve the communication process and allow the department to interact with other administrative tasks Online.

The web application / software should be easy to use or user friendly even that an average computer should optimize and manage web

Objectives of application

The project objectives are:

  1. Find out the problem of stakeholder.
  2. Search for the latest available technology
  3. Find and choose a development method
  4. Make a list of stakeholder needs.
  5. Design a web application / software to integrate user needs
  6. To implement the Application Design for stakeholder
  7. Evaluate the web application in terms of user requirements
What is Website designing and its scope?

Website Designing is the very creative and valuable job. A designer is one who designs desire website pages for organizations like banking or educational purposes. Website designing is very vast valuable in Canada. Every organization either government or private has its own official website where they share their official updates. It is secure way to share information instead of Manuel work.

Available platform for web designing:

Web designing is usually done by using different platforms like word press, joomla and magento etc. For web development we can utilize various platforms as required for example ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails (RR)  and Node etc.

Usually word is moving to latest technology so we can use our required platform for design and development.

 Highly skilled persons are required for these jobs. Such Job duties also include the latest technology (IT) knowledge i.e. word press sites for the safe as well as easy to use and maintenance. A person with less abilities and knowledge can work on such sites. Because These sites are developed in user friendly environment so its easy to establish and maintain.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create,develop, design and manage the web pages.
  • Great knowledge of word press tools as well as plugins and their implementation on Word press websites.
  • Knowledge of Word press plugins to achieve design requirements
  • Creativity and basics ideas for page designs and format.
  • Abilities to design responsive websites, their layouts etc.
What is Graphics designing and its scope?

Graphics designing  includes UI, 3D designing to which is related to movie and gaming industry. Character designing related to gaming and animation is related to movies. There is a list of software’s on which graphics can be developed and these are pre requirements of all company to be expert in these software’s that includes

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CorelDraw
  • Maya 3D
  • Blander

Graphics Designing is the very creative and interesting job. A designer is a person that create visual , electronics arts for organizational or an education person. Designing is the hot field now in Pakistan the major responsibilities of a designer is to create an attractive adds , flyer or banners that can be helped in advertisement or can be used in film cover etc.

 Usually this is done using software or using traditional way but as word is moving to technology so there is a couple of best software used for creating the beautiful art work. So the jobs related to Graphics Designing required highly skilled person. These software includes adobe and corel Draw the most.

Job Responsibilities:

  • coordination with consumers to determine their requirements
  • handling of opinions for design and print
  • brief guiding In case of logo designing
What is Software engineering and its scope?

Software Engineers responsibilities are related to designing and developing software using efficient creative and innovation way. Usually Software houses announces this software engineer jobs not only for men’s but equally for women.

Software engineer is one who design and develop software using different programming languages engineers brings creative solution for different problem. As software industry is growing and very huge field so it requires such developer focusing not only one language but different as per client requirements. All over the world IT industry is going up.

Usually Software Engineers focus on software coding Programming languages like c/c++ , C and Assembly programming, Java, Developing C, C++ or Java test applications, Creating python, shell or batch scripts for automated testing and different mobile development programming addition skills like CRM, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing effects getting easily job.

 Language like PHP, Symfony 2/3, Laravel, Ruby on Rails and Python is more hits now a days in Pakistan and all over world. Jobs like this required some extra skills like Excellent verbal and written communication skills and great problem solving skills. Students having bachelor degree in Electrical engineering or Computer engineering/Software engineering or B.Sc. in IT/CS are more preferable for software jobs.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Improvement in system designing.
  • Detect errors and recommend solutions.
  • Complete analysis, designing and implementation of software.
What is database and its scope?

A database is organized form of data. Database for a specific organization has tables which consists of rows and columns. Structured query language (SQL) is mostly used for writing script of DB. Now a days every company or organization use Database due to its benefits i.e. deletion, recovery, update.

Available database platforms are following

1.MySQL databases

MySQL is free open source software, which is generally accessible with best technical support. Due to its great perfection with many operating systems (OS) including Windows, Linux, Mac etc, it can be used with any OS while Apache and as well as windows web servers also supports. It can also deal as well as provide huge number of data and Access Security.

MySQL fully integrates with PHP Pearl and ASP to make it perfect for website application. Server scripts can be utilized with a MySQL database to recover and add a database to a database.

2. Microsoft Access databases

Microsoft Access is well known data management application. This is not open source, but it is accessible through the MS Office software package, which is great when running a Windows operating system on all computers. Mac and Linux operating systems do not have access to Microsoft Access database.

MySQL connects to a large number of languages ​​such as PHP, ASP, Perl, and Java with Apache and other web servers. Web access database is very limited on the web, making MySQL more accessible.

Access is very helpful for non expert or non technical users, it provide graphic user interfaces so a user can easily access without V.B knowledge

3. PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is an open source, platform-independent DBMS, it is similar to MYSQL but less utilized, is designed for major databases and more advanced .The drawback of PostgreSQL is that it is slower than MySQL to perform queries

4. MS SQL Server

The MS SQL Server is a platform-dependent DBMS and it can run on ISS servers only. It is created for large databases, uses multiple users and database queries very well. It can be easily handled by Graphic user interface (GIU). The drawback of MS SQL is that it is expensive to buy.

*Database technologies evaluation

Access gives helpful graphical interfaces to the non-technical client. It is expected that a web application may be prepared for which the user does not have to change the database in any way. The design should ensure that the database is only edited through an online interface.

MY SQL server can be a useful database management system for this solution because it is best to handle multiple operations. we can add ,recover data as well as provide better security. PostgreSQL and MySQL are the most practical solutions as they are both openly accessible and independent.

So developer can use required and desired database technology

Job Responsibilities:

  • Fully security of databases
  • Availability of databases
  • Storage of database
  • complete Performance analysis reports to the departmental heads
  Things kept in mind during Design Phase!
  1. Why do systems fail?

System development projects may fail for many reasons. A common cause of failure is the lack of resources determined to detect and understand the problem.

The problem should be understood regardless of the relation between the system’s users and its partners, it is often neglected by IT developers. Therefore, fails to understand the stakeholder’s business needs properly and incorrectly define project objectives. User participation in the requirements, design and design Implementation phase is very essential.

  1. Design Phase for database

Design is the next step and can be prepared according to its requirement that was perfectly collected. This section will first show how the system will integrate the generic Critical Success. The design will ensure that the web application is user friendly and maintain through the average computer user or non technical expert

  1. Database Schema

The functionality and contents of web application are handled by the database so that it is advantageous to create the tables correctly.

  1. E-R Diagram

The conceptual design of an Entity Relations Diagram Database is illustrated with each link between high-level abstraction, relation, and cardinals. For each entity in the database there should also be a unique identifier to identify specific events of each unit.

  1. Normalization

Normalization is used to denote the structural features of relationships. There should be a new relationship with the NF 3 to prevent duplication and redundancy of data, for any functional dependency created in the database.

A functional dependency describes the relationship between attributes. This means that if the same field was stored in two areas, then we could forget to update the data in both tables.

Normalization is a bidirectional process to maintain consistency, so if you come back to the basics of the database, you can change or replace it without loss or any data.

  1. Use case diagram

It is used to get dynamic behavior when we are operating the system. Use case diagram show the requirements (internal and external)of system. It also highlight the actors of the system.

  1. Context Model

Context model also describe the physically functionality of system behind the design. It cooperate with user ,environment and actors also. It is also the systematic analysis of requirements .

  1. Architecture Design

Layered architecture is a logical diagram with object oriented designed. In which each layer has specific role to perform. The layered architecture design is suitable for some projects.

 Web Interface Presentation of application 

The basic five functions of interface design were kept in mind while designing web interfaces for the proposed application. M.E Holzchlag describes four ways for the layout of a website: with HTML based ; Table-based layout; Frame-based layout; And CSS Style-sheets based.

HTML is commonly used for text and language architecture, whereas table-based layouts provide far easier and more flexible formatting options than frame-based Layout. CSS is usually used for design elements, but browser may face issues with compatibility, so CSS is best ones for font styles . Another design factor is the dimensions of the page that is smaller then book page. there are two basic safe zone for interface graphics that are width of page and screen width

Why Navigation, Colors and Graphics are important?.

Usability checklist explores that a user should know where he is at all times in the application and is capable of answering questions . Where am I?.  Where did I go?.  Yes? Where can I go?. To achieve this goal the navigation bar shoul be clearly designed with CSS.

Using colors on a website is very critical. That colors have a strong mental effect. Graphics can help the user that what a link or button does. But it is important that the use of graphics or application is very clear to the user and reliably utilized.

Importance of Implementation & Testing phase for application:

The implementation stage of the project is the development of designs that is created during the design stage, documented. With the help of a series of screenshots, code snippets, and descriptions, this section will show how the application’s generic requirements are met, and the differences between the proposed designs and the actual implementation.

The testing is process to check the accuracy of a system. The purpose of testing is to find all the errors and to check whether the application objectives and system features have been successfully assigned.

The usability assessment gets the most positive outcome. Either the use of colors and materials was also set to be good. The basic aim of user testing is to recognize the issues and involves other users to recognize the issues. The user test will focus on application errors.

Why Evaluation Phase is so important?

It will describe that the user requirements and usability targets are achieved. It will also evaluate the procedure and test methods used in the development process. This checklist and results will be  used to evaluate the user’s requirements. It is also compulsory to evaluate the success of web application related to user requirements. The usability evaluation check the architecture ,design forms ,graphics ,testing and implementation. This evaluated output will show the strength and weakness of usability

IT jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship

For apply send your resume at [email protected]

IT jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship

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