Job opportunities at the department of finance Canada

Job opportunities at the department of finance Canada. The economy of any country depends upon its financial policies. It is fast growing sector and mostly graduates wishes to join the agency for bright future. It is emphasis on continuous learning for progress. Now it is looking for following vacancies


  • Project Manager
  • IT Manager in Architecture, Strategic Planning & Management
  • Analyst Strategic Planning and Project Manager
  • IT Security Specialist
  • Manager IT Security


  • Applicant must be graduate in computer science or computer engineering from recognized institute with relevant experiences.

Age limit

  • Applicant must be 30 years old or above.

Salary is from $70,439 to $118,499. 

Last date to apply is 03-21-2021.

The FIN plays an important role in designing and development of economic policies to improve the living standard of citizens. It is among the top employees of country. Mostly fresh graduate wishes to join. As it is hiring for various positions so only suitable candidates are encouraged to apply.

Duties:  Job opportunities at the department of finance Canada

Project manager is responsible for the delivery of project within time as well as supervision. Manager planning and management is supervisor of project plans and activities. IT analyst is responsible for information technology related work as well as security and availability of data.


  • Leadership skills to handle management
  • Previous development experience in government or private sector.
  • Complete computer information security knowledge
  • Good analytical thinking and communication skills
  • Ability to work pressure

About finance department Canada?

Department of finance Canada is federal department of government. It works under the ministry of finance and accountable to the parliament. Its headquarters is situated in Ottawa.

Finance department is all in all of government financial matters including budgets preparing, taxes and tariff policies for financially stability of country. It ensures a secure and fastest growing economy by designing policies, plans and active management.

Finance department has several working branches namely corporate services, Federal-provincial policy relations, tax and law branch. Sub agencies are also attached with this agency to improve work performance and economic growth. Sub agencies are following:

  • Royal Canadian mint
  • Deposit insurance company
  • Pension plan investment board
  • Office of the superintendent of financial institute
  • Bank of Canada

Finance minister announce the budget of country with the help of central bank. All the taxes are determined by the agency either to increase or decreased. The central bank provides all the data and reports of employment and inflation rates for the upcoming year. In short finance department is considered as backbone of country.

Selection procedure consists of Application process (complete application form), Test and Interview. Selected candidates will go through training. Latest jobs in office of the superintendent of financial institute Canada

Note * It is governmental department so they get all benefits like pension, medical allowance etc.

Apply online here:

Job opportunities at the department of finance Canada

Job opportunities at the department of finance Canada

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