Jobs in Civil Aviation Authority

Jobs in Civil Aviation Authority. It’s a departmental test in which both males and females are welcome to apply. Applicants who think they have enough qualifications and the required experience needed for the jobs are welcome to apply. Now offering the following positions:


  • Specialist Vehicle Drivers


  • The candidate must have completed intermediate Degree from recognize institutes with relevant experiences of 3 to 5 years. 

Age limit:

  • Applicant must be 20-28 years old.

Salary is from 48,821 to 64,257/month.

The last date to apply is 22-May-2021. 

How to apply:

Interested candidates can send latest resume at following address through courier.

SR.Additional Director (HR)
Headquarters Civil Aviation Authority
Terminal-I Jinnah international Airport, Karachi
Tel: 021-99072068

See complete advertisement here:

Jobs in Civil Aviation Authority

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) plays an essential role in the country’s progress by providing high-quality air navigation and airport services. It is a federal-level department and looking for mentioned vacancies.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulates all the civil aviation issues of Pakistan, which looks after all the safeties of flights and civilian airports. Being a Govt entity, it offers Govt jobs of Master’s and Graduation level vacancies. Now it is looking for the position of specialist drivers with intermediate qualification and HTV course from a recognized institute.

In general, the term aviation can be defined as the flying of aircraft for commercial and military purposes. Aviation can have sub-divisions like commercial airlines, private flights, air charters, flight training, parachuting, military, surveillance, spying, paragliding, foot-launched hang gliders. Aviation science can be used to the analyze, design and manufacture a variety of aircraft. 

Aviation is an international and national laws for safety and other strict regulations that apply to any individual who wishes to become an aviator. 

Aviation, whether it involves flying as a pilot, or manufacturing an aircraft, is perceived as being highly glamorous, but it involves deep dedication and commitment to safety and other features, as well as knowledge of sophisticated fly by wire systems that go into the making of modern aircraft’s, especially for pilots.

Furthermore, with the progress of digital or computerized techniques, the aviation industry has created better aircraft designs. Computer technologies have also led to the discovery of better materials for designing lighter and stronger airplanes. Pakistan has made significant progress in aviation like every other country. Civil Aviation Authority is capable of handling every plane and airport under it.

It is an excellent opportunity for interested candidates to apply for the above jobs mentioned with the given qualification criteria.

The selection procedure consists of the Application process (complete online application form), Test, and Interview. Selected candidates will go through training.

Note * It is a semi-governmental department, so they get all benefits like pension, medical allowance, etc.

Jobs in Civil Aviation Authority

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