Latest 3D game developer jobs in Canada

Latest 3D game developer jobs in Canada. Canada is first country in which 3D games were developed. Basically this is Information technology related field. Craft software ltd is looking for the developer to redesign the Minecraft PE APK game. This is home based or freelancer type job due to covid 19. job details are following:


  • Unity 3D developer


  • Candidate must be diploma holder in gaming as well as 2,3 years of experience is required.

Age limit:

  • no specific age limit is required to apply for this job.

Salary $50,000 to $80,000 per project.

Last date to apply is 22-May-2021.

   What is Minecraft PE APK

Minecraft pe apk is basically very famous 3D game with millions of its users and also know as best selling game of all the time. Basically this APK was developed in java programming language. Players can play alone or with friends all over the world. Through this game with your imagination you can build your own world by blocks. Blocks consist of different materials such as stones water and ores etc. You can also make weapons to defeat your enemies through the advanced game features. Play this with unlimited resources. You can play this game alone or with friends on your mobile devices or window 10. Everyone can play this game online without age difference. In this game, players also encounter some non players, known as mobs such as animals or any other creatures. In this APK Cows and chickens can be hunted for food. In the start, player must select one of five modes. Once selected the game mod is locked and can only changed by cheat.

Education based game:

Minecraft pe apk has been used in various educational institutes for the learner of 3D. This game is also based on theories of physics for example liquid and mechanical physics. The game consist a material which is known as redstone. Mechanical devices, electrical circuits, logic gates and many complex systems can be made through these redstones. Through this game you can unleash your creativity.

Problem faced and solution during development:

Game developers also face some technical problems i.e. extremely distant location, but the developer solves this by Chunks. Chunks are created when player are nearby. The splitting of world data into small sections is known as chunks. The world is divided into different smaller parts like forests, mountains and caves etc. 

Game Modes:

There are several modes of Minecraft PE APK

  • Survival mode:

In survival mode, you have to collect natural resources like wood and stones. In order to design blocks you needs all these important resources. You also need to build a shelter at night for your players.

Health Bar is an attractive feature of this game to save from attacks, drowning, falling into Lava. Players have a hunger bar, which must be refilled by eating different food items during game. APK game players can craft a wide range of items. You can craft a weapon by which you can kill animals and dangerous creatures. The basic needs of crafting armor are too safe from different attacks. Some items have multiple qualities depending on the material used to craft them. For food cooking as well as processing an ore, players can construct furnaces. Player can also exchange goods through game trading system

  • Creative mode

In this mode players have access to all required resources through an inventory system of this game. You must focus on building on massive structures. You can construct armor to safe your player from attacks. This is not a challenging mode but also allows you to show your creativity

  • Adventure mode

This is similar to survival mod but with various restrictions. Adventure mod was specifically established so that players could experience user made adventures such as custom maps. Player needs to gain all the required items and experience adventures. Command block is designed for custom maps.

  • Spectator mode

Players can fly through blocks by using this mode.

Minecraft PE APK as a Multiplayer:

 This enables multiple players to interact as well as communicate with each other on a single world.  As a player you can run your own server to interact with others. In this, multiplayer servers are guided by trained operators, who have access to server commands such as time setting of day. One of the largest as well as most popular servers is Hypixel. To fight between players pvp combat can be enabled and player vs player fight is abbreviated as PVP battle

No servers:

Unfortunately, you cannot access servers of Minecraft PE APK. In short this is a restriction that everyone has to follow with on Minecraft PE APK.

Released versions of minecraft PE APK:

It can run on multiple operating systems which includes windows and Linux.

  • Minecraft Classic

 Minecraft Classic is an older version that was first available online. It can be played through the games launcher as well. Its functionality is same as creative mod of this game by which you can build anything. Environmental hazards don’t damage players.

  • Minecraft 4k

In Minecraft 4K version players are restricted to create or damage blocks.

  • Minecraft Education Edition:

This is special version for educational institutes.

  • Pocket/Bedrock Edition:

Minecraft Pocket Edition was released on the Android Market in 2011. This release dosnot contain all features of PC release. In 2016, the full version of Minecraft  was released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone and known as Bedrock Edition.

  • Console versions:

This version is different from home computers version. This version consists of some awesome features like control interface, ability to play with friends. This was upgraded version of older PC version. Play station 3 & play station 4 were also released for this game. Play station 4 version of this game was released in last year.

Game features:

This contains very attractive features like:

  • Shelter &weapons creation.

Build shelter for night and weapons to save from other players as well as enemy.

  • Health & hunger bar.

Attractive feature for the health as well as food safety.

  • Multiplayer function

To interact with all over world.

Provide practical of physics & unleash your creativity.

  • Free to download
  • Easy to install.

Idea for children:

People of all ages are playing Minecraft PE APK.  It is very special for kids as well as suited them. Children explore their creativity through this game. It’s a better way to bring the imagination of children alive.

Apply online here:

[email protected]

Latest 3D game developer jobs in Canada

Latest 3D game developer jobs in Canada

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