Latest database administrator jobs in Canada

Latest database administrator jobs in Canada . A database is organized form of data. Database for a specific organization has tables which consists of rows and columns. Structured query language (SQL) is mostly used for writing script of DB. Now a days every company or organization use this type of data due to its benefits i.e. deletion , recovery, update. Permanent Irrigation Systems is offering the following vacancies.


  • DB administrator


  • To apply for this job candidate must hold Bachelor’s degree.

Age limit:

  • No specific age limit

Apply before 2021-06-11

Now a days database become a very vast field and DBA jobs are very high paid. You can develop and design your database according to your requirements.

Available DB platforms are following
  1. MySQL databases

MySQL is free open source software, which is generally accessible with best technical support.  Due to its great perfection with many operating systems (OS) including Windows, Linux, Mac etc ,it can be used with any OS while Apache and as well as windows web servers also supports. It can also deal as well as provide huge number of data and Access Security.

MySQL fully integrates with PHP Pearl and ASP to make it perfect for website application. Server scripts can be utilized with a MySQL to recover and add a database.

Microsoft Access databases

Microsoft Access is well known data management application. This is not open source, but it is accessible through the MS Office software package, which is great when running a Windows operating system on all computers. Mac and Linux operating systems do not have access to Microsoft Access database.

MySQL connects to a large number of languages ​​such as PHP, ASP, Perl, and Java with Apache and other web servers. Web access database is very limited on the web, making MySQL more accessible.

Access is very helpful for non expert or non technical users, it provide graphic user interfaces so a user can easily access without V.B knowledge. Latest database administrator jobs in Canada


PostgreSQL is an open source, platform-independent DBMS, it is similar to MYSQL but less utilized, is designed for major databases and more advanced .The drawback of PostgreSQL is that it is slower than MySQL to perform queries

MS SQL Server

The MS SQL Server is a platform-dependent DBMS and it can run on ISS servers only. It is created for large databases, uses multiple users and databases queries very well. It can be easily handled by Graphic user interface (GIU). The drawback of MS SQL is that it is expensive to buy.

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Latest database administrator jobs in Canada

Latest database administrator jobs in Canada

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