Latest doctor jobs in Toronto Canada

Latest doctor jobs in Toronto Canada. Doctors are very valuable profession in medical field. They are considered as front line workers. It is consider being very gentle and caring profession in all over world and Canada which care patients in hospitals for resolving their health issues. Central Health is seeking for the vacancies of following:


  • Family Physician


  • Candidate must be MBBS or professional degree holder from recognize institute.

Age limit:

  • No specific age limit is required to apply for this job. 

Last date to apply for this job is 2021-06-18.

Salary is from $132,000 to $155,000.

For a doctor title you need to work hard. Doctor is academic title which is different from PhD. Dental and Pharmacists also called doctors. They examine and provide required medical services to patients. Doctors are of different types according to their specialty. Here some types are described with some details.

General practitioner 

GP is doctor who checks and provides medical care to patients. Especially they are educated and trained to care patients of all gender and ages. There job duties are not for specific parts of bodies and patient. They have skills to provide all kind of treatment to patients having multiple health issues. They play vital role in healthcare system.

Doctor of medicine:

Doctor of medicine also abbreviated as M.D. Doctor of medicine needs a lot of research and training. They also study physics, chemistry and anatomy to complete degrees. Basically their responsibility is to invent and discover new medicines for patients.


A Physician duty is concerned to aid, maintain health through studies and diagnosis of disease. Physicians are also responsible for the treatment of families as well as individuals. They need more knowledge and study to care patients.  Basically they are known as medical expert.

Consultant surgeon:

Basically senior hospital physician or surgeon with complete training is known as consultant. Specific training is required to become a consultant. They lead the medical team for the wider health services.

Medical worker are working in different places i.e Government hospitals, military hospitals and home care as well as private clinic.

The average salary of a Doctor in Canada is near about $150000 per year. Medical jobs are high demand jobs in Canada likewise the other world. If you are not Canadian, then after getting job in Canada you are eligible for permanent Residency(PR) under Federal skilled worker as well as Provincial Nomination system.

How to apply for this job

Latest doctor jobs in Toronto Canada

Latest doctor jobs in Toronto Canada

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