latest hotel management jobs in Canada

latest hotel management jobs in Canada. It is very excellent job for new immigrants. Many companies are also looking for motivated candidates that fulfill the required criteria. NANDO’S CHICKENLAND RESTAURANT is  very big hotel and looking for the following management vacancies. 


  • Assistant restaurant manager 


  • Diploma in hotel management is required with 2 years of experience.

Age limit:

  • No specific age limit is required to apply for this job.

Salary is from $21 to $25 per hour.

last date to apply is 2021-07-18.

Hospitality industry is very vast field. It has great importance due to high demands. It consists of many businesses e.g. food, tourism and entertainment. latest hotel management jobs in Canada 


Food industry which consist of restaurants, drink bars and fast food stores. It is considered as second largest industry of Country. It provides employments to 275000 Canadians and immigrants. It is great exporter of food items. It exports its products to almost 192 countries all over the world. latest hotel management jobs in Canada 


Tourism is the largest business  due to its historical sites.  In this country there are many beautiful places and parks. People from all over the country visit Canada as a tourist. It has great importance due to good impact on Canadian economy.  Total revenue of 78 billion comes through tourism.

Millions of tourist visit there in every year.  It is also connected with medical field because when people moves international y they need medical checkup. If some visitors stay are for long time period they need complete medical.

According to a report near about 75 percent of Canadian visitors come from America. Mostly US families plan a visit during vacations. It’s very cheap travel rates from US. latest hotel management jobs in Canada 

Hotels and entertainment

Hotels services are of breakfast and for night stay bed rooms. Some big hotels consist of large convention centers where international / national business meetings take place. All the hotels have many facilities like internet, fast food and well furnished rooms.

While entertainment industry is also have its own importance.  Sports, gaming’s, musical concerts and museum are considered under entertainment industry.

In case if candidate have no work permit they can also apply through temporary foreign worker program (TFWP).
Temporary foreign worker program (TFWP) allows to work without a permit but its temporary job solution. According to this program you needs to show that you are ready to leave country when government officials says. There are different criteria for TFWP. Most famous process is that someone who is known to you can support you during your stay in Canada.

for apply send your resume at:

[email protected]

latest hotel management jobs in Canada

latest hotel management jobs in Canada

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