Latest web designer jobs Canada

Latest web designer jobs Canada. In Canada Website Designing as well as development is going up as industry and needs more designer and developer. Imago Foods Ltd is searching for the job of web designer and developer. Imago food is basically fast food type industry which provide home delivery services also. Job details are following.


  • Web Designer


  • College level education/ non university degree is required with almost two years of experiences.

Age Limit:

  • No specific age limit to apply.

Last date to apply 2021-07-06. L

Salary is $38 to $42 per hour.

Jobs in Designing & development needs some extra skills of  Basic understanding of website development and design processes and technologies as most graphics related to websites etc.

Web Designing is the very creative as well as valuable job. A designer is one who designs desire website pages for organizations like banking or educational purposes. Website designing is very valuable field in Canada. Every organization either government or private has its own official website where they share their official updates. It is secure way to share information instead of Manuel work.

Web designing is usually done by using different platforms like word press, joomla and magento etc. For web development we can utilize various platforms as required for example ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails (RR)  and Node etc.

Usually word is moving to latest technology so we can use our required platform for design and development.

 Highly skilled persons are required for these jobs. Such Job duties also include the latest technology (IT) knowledge i.e. word press (WP) sites for the safe as well as easy to use and maintenance. A person with less abilities and knowledge can work on such sites. Because These sites are developed in user friendly environment so its easy to

establish and maintain.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create,develop, design and manage the web pages.
  • Great knowledge of word press tools as well as plugins and their implementation on Word press websites.
  • Knowledge of Word press plugins to achieve design requirements
  • Creativity and basics ideas for page designs and format.
  • Abilities to design responsive websites, their layouts etc.

To apply send your CV at 

[email protected]

Latest web designer jobs Canada

Latest web designer jobs Canada

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