Natural Resources Canada jobs

Natural Resources Canada jobs. It is state owned agency for the development and research of natural resources in Canada. Due to large department, it consistently offer jobs in different sectors. Now offering the following jobs in energy technology sector.


  • Building Supervisor 
  • Mechanical Engineering


  • Candidate must be graduate in Building or Mechanical Engineering field from recognize institute with relevant experience .

Age limit

  • Applicant must be 35 years old or above.

Salary is from $115,786 to $135,352.

Last date to apply is 02-19-2021.

The energy technology sector is a part of NRC. It was launched in 1970. The agency works closely with non governmental organizations for the development of energy resources.

Energy technology sector works for the safe, efficient use of energy which includes study of different departments such as engineering, physics etc. Now it is hiring as a Building and Mechanical Engineer. Duties and skills of selected candidates are following:

Duties:        Natural Resources Canada jobs

Civil engineer is responsible for all the building structures, estimation of cost and designing of structure for project. Mechanical Engineer is responsible for the designing of machines, engines and air-conditioners etc. Both the engineers are answerable for the development of latest technologies as well as integration in energy sector.

Experiences / Skills:

  • Skills to write computer program for data analysis.
  • Basic computer knowledge with required software’s practical skills.
  • Good communications and analytical skills.
  • Previous experience in relevant field. 

What is natural resources Canada?

The department of natural resources is federal agency.  It works under the ministry of natural resource Canada and accountable to the parliament. The NRC is responsible of earth sciences, earth mapping, forests and natural resources including energy, mines and minerals.

It was established with the merge of forests, earth science, mapping and remote sensing departments. It is responsible for the development and progress of natural assets within country. It uses latest technology and experts to maintain up-to date knowledge of reserves.

NRC also works with Mexican and american for the production of north american environmental atlas to predict and track issues. Job opportunities in Natural Resources Canada

Currently NRC department consists of several sectors including Earth science, Space weather, Energy sector, Minerals and metals.

It works with the following sub agencies:

  1. Northern pipeline agency Canada
  2. Canadian forest services
  3. Canadian energy regulator
  4. Nuclear safety commission
  5. Atomic energy of Canada limited 
  6. Energy Technology sector (ETS)

The main natural resources of country is energy and minerals resources . These includes gas, crude oil, gold, silver, copper, lead, iron and diamonds assets. Due to these resources Canada is among top richest countries of the world. Petroleum  and iron are most abundant natural assets in Canada.

Selection procedure consists of Application process (complete application form), Test and Interview. Selected candidates will go through training.est jobs in National defence department of Canada

Note * It is governmental department so they get all benefits like pension, medical allowance etc.

Apply online here:

Natural Resources Canada jobs

Natural Resources Canada jobs

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