Royal Canadian mint Winnipeg jobs

Royal Canadian mint Winnipeg jobs. The employees of  Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) department takes pride to owning a respected and stress-free workplace. It ensures some special benefits to its employees likewise health insurance, pension and many more. It is looking for dynamic and motivated candidates for the following jobs:


  • Network Administrator (Operations)


  • Candidate must hold computer graduate degree in relevant field from recognize institute with relevant experience.

Age limit

  • Applicant must be 30 years old or above.

Salary is from $84,430 to $106,877. 

Last date to apply is 30-April-2021.

How to apply:

Interested candidates can apply online here:

Royal Canadian mint is state owned corporation and established under the Canadian mint act. The minister of finance supervise the agency and acts as a link between cabinet, parliament and mint. Its headquarter is situated in Ontario. As it is looking for Senior manager so candidates fulfilling the required criteria are welcome to apply

Duties of network administrator:

The network administrator i responsible for the management and supervision of unstructured data and network.
The incumbent follows the instructions provided by cyber security team. Network administrator analyze, research and secure data at the mint. Here are list of various responsibilities 

  1. Analyze new technologies and suggest recommendations to achieve goals.
  2. Make proposal, measurement criteria and reviews.
  3. Support testing phase and establish environment to develop new technologies.

Experience and skills:

  • Minimum of one years of experience.
  • Ability to handle upper and lower management.
  • Ability to understand clients requirement and work under-pressure.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Excellent problem solving skills.  

What is Royal Canadian Mint (RCM)

The mint generates all the coins and circulate on the the behalf of other countries. It designs and produces costly coins including gold, sliver and platinum as well as some medals. Furthermore it offers silver and gold refinery services.

The agency serves the public interest but also work for the profit without depending on taxpayers support.

Like private sector organizations, the Canadian mint also consists of CEO, president and board of directors and president is known as master of the mint. Jobs in Royal Canadian Mint

In 2012, the mint developed a digital currency to allow unspecified transactions supported by the government.

Its main duty is to produce and handle the distribution of mintage and prepare reports for the finance minister. The organization has production power of 2 billions coins per year.

It has produced a variety of colored coins for new Zealand. That coins were the first colored coins in the past history while it has its own robotic arm for designing.

Selection procedure consists of Application process (complete application form), Test and Interview. Selected candidates will go through training. Latest jobs in National defence department of Canada

Note * It is governmental department so they get all benefits like pension, medical allowance etc.

Royal Canadian mint Winnipeg jobs

Royal Canadian mint Winnipeg jobs

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