US department of commerce jobs

US department of commerce jobs. Career opportunities at U.S. department of commerce are highly demanded and valuable for citizens. Overall career outlook is also good due to high pay packages and facilities. The agency provide stress free environment to its employees. Now it is looking for following jobs :


  • Computer systems Engineer


  • Candidate must have a graduate degree in Computer engineering, software engineering or CS from recognized institute with relevant experiences.

Age limit:

  • Applicant must be 30 years old or above.

Salary is from $102,663 to $157,709. 

Last date to apply is 02-18-2021.

The Department of Commerce is state owned federal agency of USA government and concerned with the development of economic growth. It is responsible to collection of data for business and industrial legislation. Now it is hiring as computer system engineer. Both male and females candidates fulfilling the required criteria are welcome to apply.

Duties:    US department of commerce jobs

Computer engineer is responsible of coordination for control exports problems and technologies under the organizations laws. These technologies includes software development, networking, cyber-security and information security. An engineer will studies the data and indicate the issues.

The incumbent supervise technology developments and prepare reports and recommendations for safety of data.


  • Previous experience of technical analysis.
  • Ability to design, test and develop new system.
  • Good communications and analytical skills.
  • Basic knowledge of industries rules and laws.
  • Ability to work under-pressure.

The agency was established in 1913 and Its headquarters is situated in Washington DC. It was considered as hub of nations progress. The main focus is to develop economy, create jobs and stop damaging trade operations.

Initially labor department was also within commerce but after some years it was declared as separate organization. The trademark office was merged into commerce department from interior department.

All the international businesses deals and promotions are done by the involvement of commerce department. It helps for bilateral trade agreements and ensures better laws for businessman’s and employees.

International trade administration and bureau of industry and security are two important sub department or agencies of US commerce department. The role of ITA is to provide technical expertise and help to various USA companies to handle foreign requirements.

The ITA provides guidance as well as manage exports with respect to spread of technology. The organization has near about 50,000 of employees from all over the US states. A secretary level officer leads the organization.

Selection procedure consists of complete application process, test and interview. Selected candidate will go through training’s.

Note * it is federal government jobs so employees get all employment benefits including health insurance, life insurance, pension and old age security funds etc.

Apply online here:

US department of commerce jobs

US department of commerce jobs

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